Virtual Assistant
for Recruitment, Sales & Marketing

Delegate your work, tasks & processes to a dedicated, full-time team member on month-on-month subscription.


What can Viritual Assistant's do?

Headhunt & Search
Conduct all headhunting and searches on social media channels while providing a great candidate experience for potential hirings!

Respond to your emails
Let your assistant manage emails, conduct follow-ups, forward important and urgent emails.

Basic research and reports
Your assistant can gather data from different platforms and produce reports and insights as required.

Manage and book candidates in your calendar
Manage complex personal and team calendars, and coordinate times for team meetings.

Receive Your Calls
Your assistant can handle your phone calls, take notes, and attend/route them as required.

Handle ATS & CRM systems
Your assistant can input and update records and collect information for your CRM tools.

Make travel arrangements
Your digimate prepares itineraries for company executives, books hotels and cars, and more.

Track expenses and invoices
Creates or sends statements or invoices, track payments, and record company expenses.

Digimate a well-managed remote talent resource

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Saved compared to traditional hiring
Virtual Assistant
Up to 80% quicker & cheaper

Compared to traditional hiring solutions. Scale up or down as much as necessary.

Dedicated virtual colleagues only

Customer Success Manager

Ongoing training and coaching 

Ongoing quality supervision

Getting Started is Easy

Sign up today. Start working with your recruitment assistant in less than a week.

Add requirements &
sign up today

Submit some basic details about your ideal assistant, and sign up today by paying a small deposit ($150).

Connect with your CSM &
Onboarding Team

Your CSM and onboarding team connects with you to confirm start date and/or clarify on details.

Meet Your Virtuel Colleague
Next Week

We match you with the perfect recruiter - ready to learn and accomplish from Day 1.

Frequently asked questions:

Is my virtual recruiter dedicated?

Yes, your virtual recruiter only works on your tasks during the agreed-upon hours.

What hours will my assistant work?

That’s your choice! Our assistants work for clients worldwide – we can handle any timezone.

Can I access my virtual recruiter worldwide?

What does “unlimited work” mean?
Do you provide 24/7 coverage?

How do I communicate with you guys?

We have the following available:

Dedicated phone number (call & texts)

Email, WhatsApp, Google meet, or custom methods are available upon request.

Who are my assistants?
How long does it take to get replies?

Can you guys integrate with software I use?

How does customer support work?




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